HAMAWAND TRIBE are one Kurdish famous tribes living in Kurdistan region, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Iraq are concentrated in Garmyan in Kalar, Chamchamal, Khanaqin, Sulaymaniyah and other cities of Iraq .most of Hamawand members are located in Chamchamal and Bazian they are more than 60,000 people. they came to Iraq 350 years ago they were voyagers and care about grazing. a tribal elder of Hamawand is in Chamchamal named : Kareem Fattah Hama Radha Hamawand(1927-2015) .Hamawand known for their courage, sacrifice and their history is full of sacrifices for the tribe and the Kurds have fought against the Ottoman Empire for more than 30 years and fought Qajarees and Safawies empire also, through betrayal and a truce by the Ottoman Empire, led by Ismail pasha Hakki was denied 900 families of Hamawand to Adana, Rhodes, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and North Africa in 1887 and 20 years later some of them returned to the ridge on foot and took their return from Libya to Chamchamal 9 months, and the other was their treachery by the Qajarees empire and in the truce were also killed and slaughtered Jwanmir Hamawand in Qasr-Shirin area by Nadir Shah Qajari. Hamawand tribe were armed hand of the emirate baban , Sharif Pasha Chalabi Hamawand was nephew of Suleiman Pasha and Mahmud Pasha babani.Abdurrahman Pasha baban realized that he needs power in the south of his emirates is weak he notes that Hamawand tribe were courage he married his daughter to Chalabi and the got Sarief Chalabi, Sarief Pasha grew up and he was very brave ,where he was assassinated in ambiguous situation. second decade of the 19th century, a new commander of Hamawand and was known for his courage and his prowess, Kareem Bag Fattah Bag Hamawand fought for the sake of the Kurdish issue and because of its attacks and Permanent pressure against the British army forces, the British government returns Sheikh Mahmud king of Kurdistan from exile in India, and struggled with the sheikh and wounded more than once in the battles until He died of wounds in the battle and after, his son continued to struggle. It is known for the Hamawand tribe their support for the cause of Kurdish as supported the Kurdish revolution led by the late Mustafa Barzani and participation in all revolutions, and so far defending the borders of the province of Kurdistan against known Islamic state in Iraq and Shamm. Hamawand histories were sizeable and always were the protector for the sake of the Kurdish issue and humanity
  .Hamawand known for their hospitality and generosity in good.

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